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Do I have 24/7 access to my office?2017-06-28T21:19:04-04:00

Yes you do! You may work on Holidays, Sundays and even at 12 am New Year’s Eve, truly 24/7/365.

Can I decorate my office/bring my own furniture?2017-06-28T21:08:46-04:00

We give you the basics of your desk, ergonomic chairs, blinds A.K.A. your blank canvas so you may express your office however you like.

Make your office represent yourself!

What are your hours of operation?2017-06-28T21:06:13-04:00

Our receptionist is available from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. However, you have access 24/7/365.

What is included in my office rent?2017-06-28T21:05:44-04:00

Starting with your private furnished office, you receive reception service, an option for phone service, an internet

connection and access to Wi-Fi, mail receipt service, free gourmet coffee & tea.

How long of a lease term is required?2017-06-28T21:04:38-04:00

To get the best value, we encourage a 12-month lease; however 6-month lease and even month-to-month terms are available.

We are flexible to your needs.

What is a virtual office? How does it work?2017-06-28T21:03:05-04:00

Virtual office services the prestige associated with physical offices, such as a prestigious Downtown/Brickell address, and professional phone-answering service.

Conference rooms and business services on an as-needed basis. You can have part or all of this without the high cost of overhead or the hassle of maintaining a private office.

What happens if someone comes in looking for me and I’m not there?2017-06-28T21:00:32-04:00

We tell your visitors whatever you’ve asked us to say. If you haven’t left instructions, we simply tell them that you aren’t in the office today. We then offer to pass on any information to you that they want to provide.

What is the mail handling and mail notification procedures?2017-06-28T20:58:15-04:00

Mail is received and sorted every weekday. We will have your mail at the reception and will send an email and phone call to let you know or whichever instructions you prefer for us to handle it.

How will my guest be greeted?2017-06-28T20:57:11-04:00

We welcome all visitors at the door and ask how we can help them. Once we know who they are visiting, we follow the directions we have been provided. We can then direct them to the conference room and ask if they like coffee, tea or water while we notify the meeting holder.

Do I have to sign a contract?2017-06-28T20:56:25-04:00

No. We simply require payment when your meeting is over.

What is the minimum time requirement?2017-06-28T21:16:25-04:00

We have a one-hour minimum, and then time can be booked in 30-minute increments.

Do you offer discounted rate packages?2017-06-28T21:17:14-04:00

We offer several conference room packages at discounted rates, plus we can customize a package that works for you.

Do I have access to the building after hours?2017-06-28T21:14:54-04:00

As a Virtual Office client, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.