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Simon is the Cofounder of CityDesk, has been in the Real Estate industry for over 5 years, loves to connect people and create great opportunities.

Why a Coworking Space is an Ideal Option for Your Startup

Launching a new business can really be fun and daunting in equal measures - and this, depending much on the factors at hand. One of these factors is the challenge of getting an office, especially if you are starting from scratch. You may have the option of working from home, but this may make you [...]

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The Coworking Space: A Solution for The Non-Profit Crowd

Coworking spaces were once solely the domain of creatives and freelancers, providing staff with a flexible space for brainstorming, networking, and interacting with fellow like-minded professionals. These spaces are lucrative as well as practical: According to one study, a huge 41 percent of employees generated a higher income once they started working at a coworking [...]

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The Role of a Private Office in a Coworking Space

So, what exactly is a coworking space? In recent years, independent professionals, start-ups, freelancers, and even on-the-go clerical workers have found comfort and refuge in the fun, friendly, and inspiring coworking spaces that have been popping-up in nearly every major city across the globe. Through inspirational architecture & décor, through a thoughtful and warm desk [...]

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4 Ways to Take Control of Your Freelance Business

 Take the Reins of Your Freelance Business Whether you have recently discovered the benefits of a freelance business at a young age, or you are on the thin edge to jump on the bandwagon of professional freelancing because you need a flexible work system, chances are that, even though this is already or will give [...]

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Coworking at CityDesk Miami: More Than Just “Sharing Desks”

The word coworking creates quite a confusion on some professionals who have been in the business market for a while now, they might find difficult to apprehend the new co-working setup. If you keep reading this I will explain the concept itself, and show you what coworking at CityDesk Miami is about. “Is it a shared office?” [...]

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