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For many out there the time to undertake comes too early, however for others the intention of seeking to create products or ideas that are worth to society remains at a standstill while their chances seem to be slim, since it is clear that starting a new business requires a lot of money for one person to invest hoping for a prompt return, even more for adults in their 20s or early 30s. Becoming a startup is not simply about wanting to get rich or to have an empire that allows us to get all the material goods that we have always dream or wish to have. Some of the times it is way harder than it seems, which is why entrepreneurs realize that looking for a startup partner may be the best way to start off sooner.

Entrepreneurship is a way of life; it is to create the right conditions for our own welfare objectives but especially family growth and personal satisfaction. At this point is when partnership may become either a blessing or a curse. People have a variety of expectations of their startup partners, so if you are thinking about joining forces with a business partner it would be better if you begin paying attention to the negative conducts and eliminate people who will only damage your reputation and the boost of your venture, instead of accepting the good side.

It is very likely that at the mid of your career you believe that getting together with a close friend to create your own business could be a brilliant idea because you have heard of successful companies that make their way into the business market out of mutual respect, camaraderie and ambition. But, as they say – it can be dangerous to mix friendship and business. The certain thing is that a business can be formed out of a good long-lasting friendship, but unfortunately, entrepreneurs often fail to get their dreams and desires under way because they realize they don’t have the same traits and backgrounds as their startup partner. You better play your partnership cards wisely when the moment to choose a startup partner arrives.

Before it is too late, here you have the top 3 common personalities you don’t want in a startup partner:

You don’t want a startup partner who is all talk and no trousers

If only I were given a penny for those I’ve met with this personality, perhaps I would be competing side to side with Bill Gates by now. Just kidding, but seriously stay away from them, they are everywhere and can harm without showing mercy. They are experts with words that will make you believe everything’s alright when they actually don’t know how to move the business forward, taking your dreams and efforts down the drain.

When you interview who will soon be your startup partner make sure to ask for their resume and have them explain what they did in their previous jobs. But don’t rely solely on what you heard in the interview; seek for credibility by making a quick research on the internet, and with previous references.

You don’t want a startup partner who is inconsistent

One of the big attributes any entrepreneur wish to find in business partners is their need to move at the speed of big businesses; however, you might run into some potential business partners who will think carelessly about the value of your business, so you have to make sure that you’re aligned with your partner’s long-term strategy to achieve success. Inconsistent people have little management leadership and they get bored easily; they tend to shutdown deals and call off business meetings without hesitation, they too find easy to jump from one task to another leaving behind what has to be completed.

You don’t want a startup partner who only plays hardball

If I’ve learned anything over the years, is that the way you treat people will tell a lot about who you are and in this case, how you like to conduct business. Dealing with difficult people at work can become a down-sider to you and your startup and can even put your reputation on the line because there are plenty of potential customers out there in the business world, and one should not forget to keep a certain level of politeness and formality. What would you do if your business partner begins being rude with a potential client during a business meeting out of nowhere? Probably all your effort and dedication goes ahead of you for a second and you have already considered the collapse of your enterprise.

There are people on the market who are just notorious for being rude and competitive in a cruel way so pay attention to this type of reactions the moment you meet your startup partner. I have always believed that if you really want to meet someone, just give him power; it is common for people with self-esteem issues tend to treat others improperly because they need to feel superior. If you suspect this behavior on the potential startup partner I suggest you to put too much emphasis on this aspect during the hiring process by asking him the reason why they left a previous project or company. Afterwards contact references and former colleagues.

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