Coworking at CityDesk Miami

The word coworking creates quite a confusion on some professionals who have been in the business market for a while now, they might find difficult to apprehend the new co-working setup. If you keep reading this I will explain the concept itself, and show you what coworking at CityDesk Miami is about.

“Is it a shared office?” – Let’s keep in mind that the concept of shared office implies that someone rents or owns a private office with someone else. So no, it has nothing to do with sharing an office.

While it is indeed that in terms of space, the word “share” has a high praise within this business model, we talk about a new way of working and interacting that is much more than sharing a workspace.

We try to relate Coworking at CityDesk Miami with collaboration other than just sharing, for the reason that you are not obliged to share if you don’t feel-want-desire-are in the mood to; it’s not like someone is going to get you and say “Hey, what do you have for me? You know, for my feedback”. However, the concept itself seeks to establish a community of people with a collaborative state of mind.


The concept “Coworking” has been well received in Miami thanks to the open environment and the desire of its members to help each other. Just the perfect environment for entrepreneurs living in Miami who sometimes feel a bit lonely in their own abodes, to find out there is people out there going forward, people who act upon the execution of their own ideas, and they do it for a living.

The communities coworking in Miami have discovered that they can finally have control in their lives after having had to work at home as their first and only choice, where they were unable to separate the workplace of their personal life.

You can find any independent talent in a Coworking space: graphic designers, industrial designers, engineers in technology, business specialists, entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc.

Coworking Spaces and Office Rental Facilities

Do you know the difference between Coworking spaces and office rental facilities? So simple. Some of you might recall back in the days when we only had the alternatives of renting a private office (which every so often required betting one’s bottom dollar) or work in small cubicles for large enterprises. Well, those days are gone.

The major purpose for coworking at CityDesk Miami is to create a solid community out of a collaborative space, ensuring that people interact; connections and opportunities are created, and promote a positive, creative and social atmosphere so you may be able to get down to business when you must, act dynamically, and be part of like-minded conversations inside a supportive environment. I’m telling you, this is today’s big thing.


What refers to office rental facilities is basically renting square meters adapted as a private space, and it mostly functions as an office away from the office, which requires the privacy and the services of a traditional office space. However, this modality has evolved in the past few years thanks to virtual connections that now corporations and organizations are taking full advantage from the ‘rent of an office space’ that works as a virtual office.

Perhaps one of the two may sound more appealing to you, however, both are practical, each space has its perks and flaws; you will just have to understand what your needs are in order to determine which environment fits your occupation.

If you are looking for a space that may convey the creative and collaborative side of your brand’s personality to your audience and your industry, at CityDesk Miami you will be able to find the ideal space for what you are into.

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