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As a freelancer, one of the biggest perks certainly is the freedom you own to do what you love, whenever you want, wherever you want to; but sometimes the challenge here is, finding a place where you may establish and be able to build a reputation and client base without feeling outcast from the rest. Oftentimes outworkers decide to start their freelance business from home, in the comfort of their bedrooms, because it assures a confident jump into the field without investing large amounts of money in an office space since their career is only as strong as the sales they make. But, let’s be realistic:

freelance business

Some of the times you can’t find your place

freelance business

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Some others decide to work in coffee shops, but soon realize the unreliable internet connections, the discomfort of not finding a safe space every day, and that after all they will feel distanced from those around them because they will barely bump into other self-workers.

However, it is no new news that freelancers, at some point, especially when they are in the beginning stages of their freelance business tend to feel isolated and burned out in their own abodes, since they don’t have any motivation around forcing them to keep putting themselves out there and work hard; that is why some of them go out and seek a supportive community with which they can hold a conversation in common.

This is when full-time freelancers get interested on searching for coworking spaces, to feel motivated and have the safe bet to arrive in a space that feels like they belong to, as it is shared with other emerging talents and small businesses working hard to achieve a place in their market, and also are on the same wavelength to collaborate with others. And as I have always believed in a phrase – “collaborations can make bigger creations than the sum of what each person can create on their own”. Coworking will lend to you the stability you seek for, plus the thrust your freelance business needs to open to a new world of possibilities.

freelance business

But you must have in mind that coworking is not for everyone, and at the same time a couple of people complain about coworking being the answer to freelancing. Perhaps this is no discovery for some of you but I want to mention few aspects that makes co-work a great start for your freelance business:

If you started freelancing as a hobby, which then turned out to be a night job freelance business, squeezing your after-work hours to the max, and you are convinced how much of a challenge it is to find clients without having the professional stability at home that is able to improve your progress and ensure your freelancing future, you should consider coworking as an alternative for home-office.

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Coworking is basically the use of a shared business space, where lots of independent creative, tech talents, business entrepreneurs, and more are running their freelance business with the work facilities that a private office can offer to them but without being tied to a long-term contract of the space.

Not for nothing is written free-lancing; it gives you the freedom to jump off the incompetence gush of a salaried job and enjoy flexible schedules, a flexible location, and more independence than you would in a salaried role. However let’s not forget the hustle of constantly searching for your next job. Fortunately coworking can be a gold mine if you are looking for an affordable alternative to do what you love within a collaborative environment where you may obtain exposure to a wider variety of projects in which camaraderie is boosted and therefore more opportunities are open for you.

Being dedicated to a freelance business gives you the uncertainty of a prosperous future since success is not built overnight, even though how hard you wish for it you will have to put yourself out there and take full responsibility for your actions, but, by having the support of a coworking community you can find gratifying every step taken within what it seems like a casual space, where one can do their thing, or come together under one roof to do amazing things, while saving some money. It not just only feels like you are doing so much more, it is reflected in the success of any of your projects.

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If you are tired of having to work in incompatible areas for your projects and crave for a different scenario that provides a sense of community, try coworking as a solution. Seriously, you will not want to try anything else after.

At CityDesk Miami you will find both professional and social sides of coworking for the reason that you will find a unique place to start or grow a business, plus be part of a social connection in the world of business that can help every member build relationships and create cross-collaboration.  

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