Inside the Meeting Space is where Evolution Begins

Every so often I come across with startups who believe that the location of the meeting space does not incur too much on the reputation of the person or the business itself. This is why I took the liberty (‘necessity’ perhaps fits better) to talk about this subject since there is little awareness about the importance of the meeting space for the potential growth in startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

The meeting space

I remember meeting with an old friend which also happened to be my client, and I had to commute to the outskirts of the city every time an important aspect came up within her project, to be honest the location of the meeting space was not accessible for me, it was in a somewhat dangerous area, and the accommodations were not adequate to bring more than a couple of people. Later on she was convinced that meeting on a better location, which was also functional for her business, was going to drive a better performance and the growth of her business. As a matter of fact, it did. I’m not saying her decision change everything overnight, she kept some key things in mind before she pick the place to meet.

Fortunately she was meeting with a friend (me), but if she had been holding a meeting with potential clients who have a clear picture of what a meeting space should look like in order to present and discuss business ideas, her story would have turned different. Whether you like it or not, location matters. And by location I want to enclose certain elements that are involved within the importance of choosing a meeting venue that is able to speak for itself and can form part of the good results.  Let’s not miss that the meeting space is where evolution begins; is the place where great ideas and people will connect and maintain the energy and vision (among other aspects) to create successful business results.

Startups need a place to show off what they have been up to in order to have the attention of investors or potential co-founders, plus a space to keep clients coming, without the need to become known by owning a private office which mostly turns to be out of the budget. Still there are some professionals who rely on meeting spaces such as coffee shops, public libraries and executive hotels, great for casual meetings but they often don’t offer you a professional environment.

The meeting space

I know that I have mentioned in a previous post about the evolution of the private office and how an office space does not necessarily reflects the success of a business nowadays. However, what differentiates choosing a meeting space from owning a private office these days, is the aim to give delegates a memorable experience before a decision is made. So as you may now have a clear vision of it, I am going to mention you three primary elements to look after the location of a meeting space.

For instance, let’s mention the accessibility to the meeting space. Ask yourself if “is the meeting space accessible to those attending?”, if the location isn’t convenient to the people you will be holding meetings with in a future, the participation will be very low.

Choose a location in a safe area; otherwise you’d be transmitting an unflattering image of your business plus a lack of concern for the safety of attendees. I can assure that offering your partners, investors or clients a harmless environment will enhance the quality of the gathering.

Another element you should consider within the location of the meeting space is the room set-up, “Does it have what it takes to conduct an efficient meeting?” there are factors you have to pay attention to make sure that your initial planning will go smooth sailing, such as audio-visual equipment, displays, food and beverage, and of course, absence of noise.

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The meeting space

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