One Checklist That You Should Keep in Mind before Attending a Startup Meetup in Miami

Since Miami is turning into a networking hub for startups due to an obvious growing tech startup community, it makes inevitable the increase of networking events created mostly to find investors, customers, and partners, discuss ideas and many other resources.

But, with so many startup events going on in the city, it’s hard not to get a little mixed up about the purpose of going to the ones that will become an open door for your business, chances are that some of the times you just hang around in different startup events and do not find the attendees that you would like to meet, or perhaps you have no idea how and when to play your cards. Seriously people, startup meetups don’t have to suck.

If you have attended to one of these round ups you probably are familiar with the benefits, but for those emerging talents who haven’t and are planning to launch their own startup, this is your big opportunity to truly engage with your industry; it is formally a collaborative get-together with the purpose to strengthen the entrepreneur eco-system, where business partners and solo founders come together to share their expertise, and have a little refresh of their industry headlines.

Even though some people defend that nothing great comes out of startup meetings, and that they are just an excuse to drink some wine and get away from what’s really important (Perhaps they just hate gatherings, I don’t blame them), you should know that there is no time wasted on such events, you’ll just have to pick your meetup wisely and afterwards you must need a prior plan. Following I will tell you what you should know before attending a startup meetup in the city.

1. Create your story

Before attending to a Startup Meetup in Miami it is essential to do your homework. Generate an account of your professional life, so your potential audience can get a close-up of what you’ve been up to the last few months/years. Choose interests that are aligned with your business and the audience as well.

startup meetup in Miami

2. It is about being as social as possible

Don’t ever assist to a startup meetup with the only intention to recruit people; the recruiting will come naturally after the event. Startup meetups are ‘the way’ to network and have a link with everyone. You should always remember that a lot of opportunities can come out of a good conversation, so please do me a favor and mingle within your target industries (and you read it in plural because you must not be afraid to approach different markets).

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3. Focus on the quality of your words

I have always believed the smaller the gathering the more you have to try to make meaningful connections with people who fit your target market. Rather than handing out a bunch of business cards, you should pick a group of people you have been interested on meeting or perhaps a potential candidate and have valuable contact with them, that way you will gain their interest on what you do.

Startup Meetup in Miami

4. Storytelling matters

I’m pretty convinced that when past experiences are expressed through anecdotes there exist a connection between you / your business and the people you will network. As the founder of Mark Evans Consulting has mentioned “is much more effective that simply trying to sell a product”. So whether you’ve been invited to speak out for a large crowd or you are having a conversation with a group of people, you better prepare a short story that can have a big impact on them. Be confident but don’t be too cocky.

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