Perhaps some of you have heard about the multiple vantages of a virtual office these days. It turns out to be a brilliant alternative either for emerging talents, self-employees and workers of large companies who finally have had it of the 9-5 grind.

 Somehow everybody wants to launch their own business ever since the high advances in telecommunications and innovations in technology have given young talents the opportunity to expand their boundaries. But not all have the privilege of starting from ‘scratch’ with luxurious facilities, professional service at a private office, and a faithful business image.

  virtual office

On the other hand, small businesses have this major necessity to operate remotely connected and running business virtually while they are permanently away from their formal location, plus having the possibility to reduce investment costs and increase profits. These main two reasons were enough to create the virtual office as a business model which is within the reach of practically every budget.

However, there is still a majority of people who don’t “get” the concept of virtual office; they commonly think that a virtual office is some sort of cyberspace novelty that has been implemented to the traditional office. This is why I would like to straighten out the concept of a virtual office.

The virtual office is basically an intangible, where business tasks are carried as if it were a physical office. The fundamental concept of a virtual office is to offer you a nonphysical space that may show a professional image to your clients and investors, and can provide the same experience to clients as if you own a tangible space, to offer products and services, but without the use of traditional media, which can be much more efficient, since customers can access information and services 24 hours a day.

A virtual office is an intelligent solution for multinationals, medium and small enterprises, as well as for professionals and entrepreneurs who want to reduce costs and have an address for their company or business. The virtual office is like a mine of gold when you want to own a presence in several places, without the need for a physical space, which often tends to be very expensive.

virtual office

This is why it’s not surprising to hear from young talents to take the first jump in the entrepreneur world and understand the ins and outs of business without owning the tangible location and without the extra operating expenses, by simply making use of their virtual office. As well as large companies who have employees working offsite, and is highly expensive and crazy enough to rent office spaces for every company member, this way the organization may have a professional presence in other cities by owning a private address, and relying on the latest software tools in order to have a constant communication with them and with the global client as if they were all in the same room.

virtual office

Whether you are starting a home business in the tech-sphere or working as a full-time freelancer, you will notice the flexibility you get from working remotely, like not having to commute to work (Thank God), but let’s face it, as a solopreneur there are moments where there never seem to be enough time to do all the things you need to do, and taking control of everything by yourself can make you feel attached to a desk 24/7.

Good news is that a virtual office enables you to successfully work with your clients virtually, and gives you the vantage to focus on your core business while the standard processes are handled by a professional receptionist who will forward you daily calls and e-mails related to your business, plus the benefits to own a private number just for clients, and a meeting space whenever you require to, without having to cash out a monthly rent for a tangible space. 

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