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  • Coworking for Startups

    Why a Coworking Space is an Ideal Option for Your Startup

    Launching a new business can really be fun and daunting in equal measures - and this, depending much on the factors at hand. One of these factors is the challenge of getting an office, especially [...]

  • Miami Networking Events Guide

    The Definitive Miami Networking Events Guide

    Networking can be one of the best ways to put yourself and your business out there in Miami. It's important to know where the best networking groups and events to mingle and meet local business people. On this list i [...]

  • Coworking for Non-Profits

    The Coworking Space: A Solution for The Non-Profit Crowd

    Coworking spaces were once solely the domain of creatives and freelancers, providing staff with a flexible space for brainstorming, networking, and interacting with fellow like-minded professionals. These spaces are lucrative as well as practical: According [...]

CityDesk is fueling the entrepreneurial and Tech community in Miami

By |September 12th, 2015|Categories: Blog|

MIAMI, FL – CityDesk Miami coworking space is providing free networking events and workshops aimed at local entrepreneurs who wish to network and learn with like-minded individuals in different topics like Web Design, Marketing, Programming [...]

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